Saturday, December 23

The Christmas Cat

The christmas tree is in place, and after helplessly watching it topple a few times (Heinz climbed straight to the top as soon as it was in place, just like last year), it has now been secured with string and should hopefully survive the holidays. He seems to have lost interest in climbing it anyway. Unfortunately he though chewing the branches would be as good for him as eating grass, but after spending a few hours last night cleaning up after him where he’d been sick we are now certainly sure (and hope that he is too) that pine needles are not good for cats and seems to irritate the stomach and mouth (not surprising when you think about it, those needles are pretty prickly and the essential oil must be quite strong). He lost his appetite for a while and didn’t want dinner or much breakfast, which is very unusual for him, but apart from that he didn’t seem at all unwell so we were not too worried, and now he’s eating normally again. And he seems to have given up on this rather abrasive snack.

As is often the case, Nar is much more cautious when it comes to exploring new things, and whilst she also seemed possessed by the Christmas spirit as we were putting up the tree; launching at anything that moved from underneath the branches, she has wisely left the climbing and sampling of the tree to Heinz. Smart girl.

And now the house is peaceful, and so I sit here, with Nar on my lap and Heinz on the radiator behind me, watching the tree, listening to Christmas carols and it feels just like Christmas, the only thing missing is snow.

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