Sunday, December 31

New Year's Eve

As much as I try to live in the moment and resist the temptation of worrying about the future or regretting the past, with 2006 nearly over I can’t help but contemplate the year that is ending and look ahead, just a little bit. But since I live a pretty simple life without too many excesses I have no real reason to agonise over difficult-to-keep New Year’s resolutions. Instead there are some key concepts I will try to bear in mind for 2007.

The arts

  1. visit one exhibition or performance per month
  2. memorise one poem per month
  3. read the booker-prize short list

The mind and the body

  1. mindfulness and awareness
  2. living in the moment
  3. walk 10000 steps every day
  4. continue daily pilates
  5. continue daily meditation
  6. yoga

Food and socialising

  1. the year of the herring – master different types of pickled herring in their various sauces
  2. have friends over for dinner every four-six weeks

1 comment:

Ron said...

Wonderful colour! Looking forward to helping you meet socializing goal number 2. :-)