Friday, January 19

Happy Birthday!

My blog is exactly one month old today and already it has taken me on a really interesting journey. It has definitely raised some questions about my "public persona" and how to present myself - consciously and otherwise. Something that started out pretty restrained is starting to feel more fluid and I'm very curious to see where it will take me, especially now that I've decided to remove my picture (a little extra anonymity can only do a girl good).

In order to celebrate this first milestone in style I spent most of last night trying to get to grips with personalising the layout and adding my own header. It wasn’t easy; in fact it was downright difficult, it’s as if they (the blogspot people) actively discourage individualisation of any kind. And with My Man (who is much more computer savvy than I) out painting the town red I was left to my own devices.

After a few fearful attempts at editing the HTML and a lot of frustrated searching I found my knight in shining armour in the form of a fellow blogger; well two of them actually came to my rescue. Only a minimum amount of HTML editing was required, and in the end it only took a few minutes.

So let’s give credit where credit is due. First I would like to raise a glass to Vi at Infopowered, who explained the first important step. He also pointed me in the direction of Matt at Fireflies in the cloud who provided an illustrated, fool-proof guide that helped me navigate the remaining steps. I was thrilled with the results, and had gained so much confidence by this point that I even succeeded in tweaking a few HTML settings.

Finally I would like to thank Ron Chrisley for taking the beautiful shot that is now my new header, and for the mouthwatering photo of the cupcakes. Ron, I owe you one, will you come and have dinner with us soon?


Ron said...

Hey, you did a great job on customizing - I haven't even got that far yet. I'm glad you like some of my photos - I guess deciding to use them for your blog is the sincerest compliment you can give! Yes, hope to come round soon.

weatherchazer said...

Happy Birthday! This stuff gets fun, trust me!

Burg said...

Happy blogday! Nice cupcakes..

Waspgoddess said...

Ron: thanks for letting me use your pictures, there are some really good ones, and I look forward to seeing you and x soon.

Weatherchazer and Burg: thank you for visiting, it's extra exciting with first-time visitors, as I'm sure you remember from your early days of blogging. I hope to see you soon again.