Friday, January 5

Winter in Venice

I'm going to bed very early tonight in order to (hopefully) drag myself out of bed in time to catch a 6:45 flight to Venice. This will be my first visit to this watery city and I can't really believe that tomorrow evening at this time I'll be sipping some delicious wine, looking out over the lagoon from the comfort of a very luxurious flat.

It will be a great opportunity to use this blog as a travel diary; I always have such good intentions when I go on holiday, planning to write everything down. Well, here is the perfect medium to do so. No more excuses.

I'll be staying at Laguna, one of three luxurious self-catering flats on the island of Giudecca, just south of Venice. The beautiful photo above is taken by Our flats in Venice.


Ron said...

Beautiful shot! I only wish I had found your blog earlier!

Waspgoddess said...

The shot is actually the view from the flat we were staying in. The gondoliers frequently pass and you kind of have to pinch yourself - it's too perfect to be true.