Friday, February 9

An ordinary Friday

This moment is my life. This moment will never return, yet I find myself here at work on my lunch break, typing with one hand, eating a chunk of cucumber with the other, wishing the working day to end.

If I watched a film of my day… what would I see? With the sound off and in fast forward (to make it less tedious) this is how it starts:

Early morning walk
A few sun salutations
Some sitting on a cushion practising mindfulness
Bowl of porridge
Cuddle of cats
Kissing my man

I love this early part of my day, but in this sped-up film version it only lasts a fraction. What follows is this:

Walk to work
Sitting in front of computer
Eyes fixed on the screen, fingers dancing across keyboard
Occasional drink of water
Occasional turning towards window
Eyes fixed on the screen….

That’s it. For far too long…

An escape at midday takes me on a brisk walk along the sea, and then it’s back to:

Sitting in front of computer
Eyes fixed on the screen…….

For far too long…

Long walk along the sea after 5pm release
Food shopping
Cuddle of cats
Some stretching/pilates
Kissing my man
Repeating some simple Italian dialogue (cue hysterical laughter)
Blogging with at least one cat in lap
Maybe a film, maybe a walk, maybe a talk, maybe a game…

I love this part of my day, but in this sped-up, silent film version of my life it only lasts a fraction. What follows is:


Never enough…

If my life was a film, even on fast-forward and with the sound turned off, I doubt it would be a blockbuster. Who would want to watch a film where the heroine sits down pretty much the whole time, eyes fixed on a computer screen? Not me. Yet I live it. And so I wish it away, longing for those precious fractions when I am free.


Anonymous said...

I just had to comment. I saw that you use a lot of xylitol PLEASE STOP. It is a carcinogenic substance that causes cancer.

Sharon said...

I think you are resting up for something big that is going to be in your life. And it will be all GOOD!

Bearette24 said...

I love yoga and pilates, too. Thanks for stopping by my blog!

Waspgoddess said...

Anonymous: thanks for your comment re xylitol, but it seems very odd to me that you would make such a strong statement and not provide any useful links or other information for further reading. And why not identify yourself? It is all quite friendly here.

I also would like to mention that I have done a fair bit of reading up on the subject of xylitol, as I have always avoided ALL forms of sugar substitutes in the past. I have found out that unlike many other sugar substitutes xylitol is a completely naturally occurring sweetener found mainly in berries and birch bark. Also it is fact not carcinogenic, again unlike some other sweeteners.

It has also been found to have anticariogenic (prevent caries) effects and is recommended by both the Swedish and Finnish dental associations. It was also found to be completely safe for human consumption by the WHO in 1983.

Is it possible that you mistook xylitol for another sugar substitute? I welcome any further comments from you, as I'm always interesting to learn more.

Waspgoddess said...

Sharon: thanks for your encouraging words, I will think about that when next I feel a bit down about the whole monotony of life :)

Bearette: Hello, good to see you here :) Yoga and pilates is amazing, both really help to make me feel more in touch with both my body and my mind. Life savers, really...

Lacithecat said...

You know, I don't think all points of our life have to be movie material. Its enough to realize a moment has passed and it mattered.

Smile ..

Sacred Suzie said...

Your life is a deep internal life. You reach out indirectly to others. You absorb information. It sounds very familiar to me! LOL.

Beautiful and thought-provoking writing.

RA said...

Thanks for pointing me to your introspective post. It's nice to get affirmation that this sense of spinning wheels is a normal feeling. I'm just not sure how to shake it; it can't be healthy to continue on for a long time. I don't want to look back and realize that I don't remember my life, you know? Kind of like my blur of a morning commute. I think writing it out helped a little bit to make the feeling more rational and manageable.

Best wishes!