Wednesday, February 14

Wordless Wednesday - the one I love

He is the one I can laugh with until our jaws ache and tears stream down our faces,
but he is also the kindest and most compassionate person I have ever known, and he is at times very serious and thoughtful.

He is well-read, an intellectual who would never dream of flaunting his knowledge,
he really listens, always wanting to learn more, absorbing new information like a sponge.

He's my partner in crime, the one I can snuggle up with on the sofa and have serious pigging-out sessions...
but he also shares my desire to eat healthy food (his favourite snack is crunchy romaine lettuce with freshly squeezed lemon).

He makes me feel safe, loved, warm and fuzzy... and totally free to be myself,
and he's wonderfully tall, dwarfing my 5'9".

And best of all, he is my man.

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Sharon said...

Lucky YOU! Hide that guy...I think lots of ladies are looking for someone like him!!!!

Happy Valentine's Day to both of you!!

Anonymous said...

That's a sweet tribute!! I hope you two have a wonderful Valentine's Day!

RA said...

My husband is very tall and I am very short, so I love that you noted that your guy is sufficiently taller than you. I always kind of wither under the glances from taller girls who wonder why I had to go and STEAL their tall guy prospect.

Anyway - Happy Valentine's Day! Hope it's a great one for you both!

maggie said...

Sweet Post!

Happy Wordless Wed.

Bearette24 said...

What a sweet post! I didn't know you were 5'9"...I'm 5'7". Tall women unite :)

Ryan Velting said...

So wonderful that you have someone so important to you.

I am so very happy for the both of you.

Just posted a new Valentines Day photo you may like.

Have a great Valentines Day, and thank you so much for taking the time to stop by and comment.


rubyslippers said...

beautiful! happy v-day!

Ariel said...

Wow, what a catch! Pleasing little post, made me smile although I vowed not to do. Damn you you loved-up people!

casapinka said...

How sweet is that? What a lucky lady you are!

My Marrakech said...

I am so glad he is your man. He sounds lovely in every way!