Thursday, March 22

My visual DNA

This is fun, so if you haven't done your visual DNA yet and you have a few minutes to spare, I'd recommend it. Not that it's profound and tells you things about yourself you didn't already know. It's just some good innocent fun, and the website is quite nice (although I had problems when using Firefox, it was happier on IE).

Apparently I'm a dreamer, escape artist, high time roller, lovebug. The high time roller tag doesn't really make any sense, but it seems my choice of bedroom and the fact that my vice is a nice glass of wine qualifies me as one.

What's your visual DNA?


Vedrana M. said...

this is cool, thank you for sharing :) [it also great to know some things about you] xxx

BlueJude said...

This was way coo. But when I completed it my computer wigged and away it went. How do I get it on my blog once I go back and do it again?

Vanessa said...

so cool that you did this!
I found it just the other day and did it too :)
(for me gross was a toss up between that muscly guy you picked and the botox injection ;)
was intending to post it but completely forgot!
love going your way

Gypsy Purple said...

Must do one of these...I see it all over!!

Nicole said...

so cool! i just did this during my lunch hour and posted it. thanks for sharing!


daisies said...

oh fun !! i am definitely doing this :)

Kamsin said...

I did this the other day too. I thought the definitions were a little suspect, and way too over generalised, but it is fun anyway! And pretty to boot!

paris parfait said...

This is fun - interesting answers.

edvard moonke said...

the muscly guy is yucky? but he is my body double.... :-(