Thursday, March 15

Tagging 101

My darling Nar

I've returned from my brief visit to Sweden and it's been quite a harrowing few days. I last saw my dad in early December for his 80th and he looked quite well then, so it was a shock to see him now, only three months later. He'd lost so much weight, and was down to a mere 145 lbs to his 6'2". It's clear that he has been suffering a great deal more than he's let on in recent months.

Ultimately the surgery was a success, but he's still incredibly weak. The evening before I left I sat by his bedside, and he looked so small and fragile. I know he was very moved that I had come to see him and spend time with my mother. And I know I made the right decision; it wasn't always easy, my mother and I managed to drive each other crazy a few times, but I'm so glad I could be there.

Darcy (BlueJude) cleverly thought what was needed after all this was some light-hearted fun. So she's tagged me for a five things about me meme. This is my first time being tagged and it feels like a fun milestone, a reason to have a little celebration. Does this mean I'm finally a proper, real blogger..?

Here we go:

  1. I love getting up in the mornings, and feel almost always ridiculously happy about a brand new day. I like going for a walk while the rest of the world is slowly waking up. Everything seems full of promise and I find it impossible to hold on to any negative left-overs from the day before. In other words I'm a total nightmare for those who are not morning people
  2. I love the smell of coffee, but I don't like the taste very much and dislike the effects of it even more. It makes me feel all jittery and nervous. But I have been known to throw caution to the wind at times and have a decaf cappuccino - but only on special occasions you understand...
  3. In my opinion patience is an overrated virtue, although since I started meditating and focusing more on living in the moment, I'm learning to be calmer and less impatient
  4. I love cats, and our cat Nar shares my pillow with me every night, and with her body pressed against my head my whole brain vibrates with her incessant purring. It's the best therapy in the world
  5. I love travelling by train and if I was ridiculously wealthy I'd forgo the ubiquitous private jet in an instant for my own train. Not quite sure how it would work out from a practical point of view (after all there aren't that many intact, disused railway tracks around), but if the Queen of England can have her own Royal train I see no reason why this, or any other logistical problems, couldn't be sorted out
I'm unsure of what to do next, but I'm guessing it's my turn to tag... so here goes. I pass the baton to La Cubana Gringa, Nicole and Sharon.


BlueJude said...

Welcome back Queen of Trains!! And thanks for your uplifting words. They really did brighten my day.
Look forward to Cat Lady comin' your way soon! Glad to see the cat! lol very cute (;

Nicole said...

i am happy that your dad's surgery was successful, although he is still weak. it takes time as you get older. i'm sure your journey and time there was much appreciated.

thanks for tagging me. i have never been tagged before, so woot, woot! we can both have a party!

La Cubana Gringa said...

Glad to hear your dad's visit was a good one...despite be tainted by "motherly love." :) I will keep your family in my thoughts as I know healing takes a while!

As for the tag...well, you asked for it! :)

serrin said...

wasp, can I link to your blog from my blog?

I won't be offended if you'd prefer I don't :)


Sharon said...

Glad you had a successful trip and that you are back safely. Got the tag! Give me a minute or two or three...first timer here.

edvard moonke said...

I'm a morning person too. And I love the smell of coffee more than the taste (I still like the taste though). In fact, all 5 points here fit me very well. does that mean we're a perfect match?

KG said...

Welcome back, and I think you are indeed a "proper, real blogger"! :)

Tammy said...

Welcome home! Glad your dad's ok :) This make you official...congrats. lol Kitty on your head...awww ;)

Tori said...

Yes!!! I have been told all my life that I need more patience and that patience is virtue.
Thank you for saying it is overrated!!!!

gel(emerald eyes) said...

Glad your dadd's surgery was successful and you could see him. Hope he regains strength and weight.
Loved reading this tag about you.

Bex said...

I'm glad to hear your father's surgery was a success. I hope his recovery is quick and uneventful!

Loved your first meme! I also enjoy taking walks early in the morning...but only if I have had a good amount of sleep the night before.

daisies said...

glad you had a good visit ... loved reading your first meme, morning walks are the best :)