Wednesday, September 5


Work without holding
Undo all your fixations
Give up your ideas
Dissolve your conditioning
Abandon your weight to the ground
Be simple
Receive, grow, expand
Allow your intelligence to reveal itself through your body
John Stirk on yoga


Vanessa said...

now if only i could do just a fraction of that.

hi, i was just updating my blogroll and wondering about you when... ta-da... you resurface.

nice to feel your presence around here :)

Edvard Moonke said...

hello, long time no see!

at least it looks as though you have been spending your time away from the blog wisely.

good to have you back, I've missed you. x

daisies said...

oh yes ...

so happy to see you again :) hugs!! xox

Nicole said...

so thrilled to see you around. i've missed your words, thoughts, ideas, and inspiration!

La Cubana Gringa said...

Yay! Great to you're not only alive, but thriving! :)