Thursday, February 1

Love Thursday - from a small kitten to a big cat

In the last few weeks I have really embraced the whole blogging thing, and it has been incredibly inspirational reading other peoples blogs. Recently it seems many of the ones I frequently visit have been on the subject of smiling and happiness. Encouraged by Nutter's notes I have been happyingUP! every day this week, writing down my top three "happinesses" from each day. This has been a wonderful experience, since it has helped me to pay more attention to the small moments of happiness that occur every day, like walking past a cookie stall and getting hit by a wave of freshly baked cookies. So often I forget that this very moment will never return again, so why am I wasting it?

I've enjoyed reading Sognatrice's Love Thursdays for several weeks now (the original idea came from Chookooloonks). And Dreamer girl recently wrote a wonderful list of things that made her smile that day. It doesn't have to be terribly important things, it's just about enjoying life and valuing what we have. And noticing it.

My first entry to Love Thursday is the photo above of our cat Heinz when he was only eight weeks old and he still lived with his brothers and sisters. Whenever I look at this photo I get flooded by a feeling of absolute love from head to toe, I just adore him so. He's almost two years old now, and a big handsome cat, in fact I'm convinced he's the most beautiful cat there ever was. Don't you agree?

Heinz the heart-breaker


GeL( Emerald Eyes) said...

Those huge luminous eyes are mesmerizing! To watch your pet grow is special. I remember our pups to a dog- passes too quickly.
I LOVE to draw or paint pet portraits. Animals have such personality. Enjoyed peaking into your happiness and meeting Heniz. (I'm trying, but not succeeding, from writing I need to "ketchup" on your archives, since I just found your blog recently through Sun. S.) :)

Sophie said...

he really does look like a heartbreaker with his beautiful
big eyes!


NuttersNotes said...

Thanks for the mention! Glad that you are having some happy with the excercise!!!

I love your kitty!!! If I hadn't done my HappyUP!!!s for the day, I may have made your blog and kitty one of my top 3. Still, they made the list!!!

Waspgoddess said...

Gel: Here in the UK they always associate Heinz with baked beans :) Our Heinz is named after Heinz von Foerster a cybernetician and constructivist (and one of those men you wish you'd had the opportunity of meeting).

Sophie: Lovely to see you on my blog, it's always wonderful to see new faces :)

Nutter: Wow, that's an honour. Heinz is basking in the adoration :)

sognatrice said...

So cute! I'm a sucker for animal pictures anyway, but those eyes! Thanks for the mention, btw :)

Sophie said...

Thanks for the link love :)

He is the most beautiful cat there is...except for mine ;) I have a picture of her, posted with a new entry on my blog. Am so happy today that it is overwhelming. No need to make a list. But lists can be good :)

Love the name Heinz by the way!

xo Sophie

Sophie said...

@waspgoddess: Just now see your comment on the name Heinz. I'm from The Netherlands, so Heinz didn't make me think of baked beans, but of ketchup :D

GeL(emerald eyes) said...

Thanks for the UK info about Heinz. I love learning about differences from around the world. I was supposed to have travelled to the UK long before now. You've saved me (some) embarrassment when I finally make it to your neck of the woods, although I'm sure I'll guffaw in some other way. ;)