Monday, February 5

My yesterday

Cheek pressed against love,
liquid dreams lusting after
Pale yellow sunset

Every night after work I take a long walk along the seafront. I do this even if it's raining because after a long day in front of a computer I need to feel fresh air on my face; I need to stretch my limbs to feel alive again. Lately it's been wonderful to notice a lengthening in daylight, and yesterday the sun was still setting when I reached the water. The sky was a cool yellow colour and I felt truly alive in that moment as I walked with the wind in my face towards the sun as it slowly melted and disappeared.

Recently, inspired by so many creative fellow bloggers, I've started to try and shape a haiku from whatever has happened during the day that made me smile. It's very meditative and it feels good to focus on something positive. And it feels like the rhythm of my steps creates a rhythm for my words to follow.


Edvard Moonke said...

ah, lovely stuff!

Waspgoddess said...

EM, welcome back and thank you for your sweet comment.

And I do apologise for making your wound hurt by that story about the kind of Sweden ;)