Friday, February 23

The return of the mushroom-haired girl

My hair has always been a source of great stress to me. When it’s all one length the top layer is almost dead straight, whereas underneath it is curly and fluffy and a totally different texture. I basically have schizophrenic hair. It even defies gravity, instead of growing down; it grows out, getting fluffier and fluffier along the way. For years I have struggled with it, I have struggled with hairdressers (who inevitably fail to get it) and usually end up tying it back in a ponytail.

Ever since my first crush, Robert, pointed out that I had mushroom hair (you can read more about that here if you’re interested) I’ve been convinced that if I only had nice hair, I would be happy. Forever. And so I’ve always been very conservative at the hairdresser’s, never going for anything different, something edgy (well, I did have dreadlocks once, but that’s just stupid) because if it turned out I didn’t like it, my life would be ruined.

Yesterday I took a day out to look after myself; I had been feeling increasingly low and unmotivated and needed some TLC. And out of the blue I decided to get a haircut. I didn’t go in there thinking I’d change it radically, I was just fed up with it, just like I felt pretty fed up with myself. I’m not sure what possessed me, but I gave Gary (a hairdresser I’ve never seen before) free reins.

And now I look like Michael Bolton circa 1989… and I’m loving it. Apart from some weird feathery, wing-like bits flapping around like spaniel ears I feel great; I feel unleashed, set free, a little bit crazy, a little bit wild… I’m finally celebrating the mushroom head I am and always will be.

Have you done anything crazy lately?

Ps. Thanks for all your support yesterday, it really blew me away.


kitkat said...

Good for you for just going for it. Any pictures? I get what I affectionately call "triangle head" if I have my hair all one length. The top is weighed down and the bottom just goes wild. Layers are a necessity in my life now.

Sharon said...

I'd like to see that new do. I wear my hair man-short. Well, not Mr Bolton length but old man short. I asked last week for a bit of a style change..hahaha! Well she did and I now have cowlick freed hair.
I am glad that you like your new haircut.

Bearette24 said...

Awesome! i am fed up with my hair has all these grays, which really show up b/c i have dark hair. (though my husband claims he can't see the grays.) i have to henna it all the time. i've wanted to shave it for a while, but now of course i can't do it, because britney did ;)

BlueJude said...

According to my kids, I do something crazy everyday! lol
Okay so show us all your mushroom head already! lol

La Cubana Gringa said...

Oh, you know me! Always just a short bus ride away from crazy!

Just a few days ago, I cut A WHOLE THREE INCHES off of my hair. So, now it only comes to just BARELY a third of the way down my back!

And just last night...I had a hot Sicilian for dinner.

I tell ya, it's all crazy, all excitement, all the time around here! :)

Hope you're enjoying your new do!

Liz said...

Last month I let the stylist talk me into lowlights. I didn't even know what they were, but for someone who has been terrified of coloring her hair, it was a little crazy.

I think I'm over it now. Bring on the lowlights!

Gypsy Purple said...

Good for you...let`s have a picture....glad you sound go girl!!!!

Tammy said...

What a picture of the new wild waspgoddess? Good for you!!! I cut mine 1/2 inch all around to make life easier and I get more compliments now than ever. We are our toughest critic :)

Mrs Lifecruiser said...

So you mean that you're that gorgeous? *lol*

Lucky you. Here I was, thinking that I'm gonna end up as Baldie Hawn and now, suddenly, a small drop of hope just appeared yesterday.

I've had the oppposite hair as you - straight under the surface and a bit curly on the surface. Though lately it suddenly (the hair left) turned all straight making me very depressed.

Yesterday it seem to have done some kind of recovery and it seem to be my normal hair though not as much as before. I only beg for it to be true, maybe it's gonna continue to grow out finally efter all I've tried so far.

For some of us (read: ME) it's very very important with the hair. For me it's kind of my identity since I've always had so much hair. Beautiful hair if I'm allowed to say it myself and now it's all gone.

I'm on my way back there though :-)

Bex said...

I have some schizophrenic hair myself. It is mostly flat and lifeless, but I have these wings on the sides that never seem to grow and won't lay flat. So I have a hard time wearing my hair up because it makes the wings more noticable. grrr stupid hair.

Good for you in being so bold! I'd love to see a picture :)

bazl said...

I understand your big-hair woes. I describe my hair as a muffin, but mushroom works too. Now that I'm growing it out again I remember why I've kept it short for years.

Perhaps we should have some sort of mushroom-haired showdown. It seems we could get a lot of participants.

Edvard Moonke said...

how odd, I could've sworn I posted a comment on this post yesterday, but I can't see it anywhere!